29th NOVEMBER 2020 – CHRISTMAS Meetup

Our second meeting

The event focused on presenting tools and options within digital fabrication, with hands activities and experimentation, amplifying the understanding about making and related tools. Most importantly, the workshop contributed to reaching out to establish a collaborative interdisciplinary and diverse maker network.

Vanessa made a great presentation and following that, participants were able to get up and close with the machines, producing a feel ornaments and getting a hand with basic electronics understanding, through building paper circuits. The participants’ background varied greatly, including finance, science, photography, design and architecture, among others.

Because it was everything I was hoping for an event of this kind. I’m not usually comfortable attending gatherings that consist on just networking, in this case the day was very well organised and mixed. I got to learn so many new things, it was very pleasant to listen to Isabel and Vanessa’s presentations, but I was mostly happy when I got to use the machines and do some crafts, and now I know that it’s all accessible to anyone, workshops are my favorite thing!

Laser cutting

A selection of Christmas inspired models were selected and the participants laser cut some reindeers, which were then ‘pimped’ with paper circuits to make them shine bright.


The participants also got up close with 3D cutting, producing a few ornaments on the CNC.