The Making Tank

Our Story

We brought together two brilliant groups of women – Women Makers, and Women in Hardware, to form The Making Tank.

The Making Tank is a collection of women who are digital fabrication specialists, engineers, hardware hackers, creatives, designers, and business strategists. We meet as a network to learn and share skills and contacts and work for our clients to help them prototype new futures with an inclusive focus.

Isabel Froés

PhD. Founder & Interaction & Service Designer
Bzzz Interaction Design

Vanessa Julia Carpenter

PhD. Founder & Interaction Design Lead
Kintsugi Design

Women Makers

Digital Manufacturing requires tangible skills with machines such as laser cutters, CNC routers, 3D Printers, wood and metal working, equipment and more. With this focus we have kickstarted the Women Makers network to increase the awareness and reach of digital fabrication to women of various backgrounds in the Fall 2020. The network has been supported by betaFACTORY and the EU funded project iPRODUCE.

Women in Hardware

“Hardware” refers to the physical parts of a computer. Members of our network work with many different types of hardware. Some of us are electrical engineers developing microchips, and some of us are artists, researchers and designers working with sensors and actuators, 3D printing, robotics, microcontrollers and circuit board assembly. Check out our bios for more details about the types of hardware we work with.