7th October 2020: Focus on making & Women


Isabel invited women from all backgrounds to join for the very first Women Makers event, held at BetaFACTORY. The purpose of the event was to bring awareness about existing digital fabrication opportunities and initiate a conversation about how to best encourage and support women, who might be interested in engaging with prototyping and manufacturing tools, but are unsure about how and where to start.

Tour of facilities


Participants were eager to join the network and begin to create and had concrete feedback for us, namely that they would like:

– a set of open courses could be a way to bring different groups to the space;

– selective pricing could also help the initial start-up setup;

– being part of a network gives a lot of opportunity and inspiration;

– it is important to have a clean and organised space;

– access to a support network database can help accelerate production;

– access to cheap or free materials for prototypes.