28th February 2021: FEMTECH Meetup


We held our event online to keep everyone safe & sound during the pandemic and managed to make the most of it by having prototyping sessions at home! The event focused on FemTech and started with a thorough presentation by Vanessa providing an overview of FemTech from a hardware perspective, followed by a discussion and prototyping in pairs in breakout rooms. The participants tackled widespread topics from smart measuring of household chores division, to breastfeeding and personal safety devices.

Why FemTech?

FemTech is an emerging area which has gained attention recently due to the abundant opportunity in this field. Women are inventing for women – and the results are outstanding. From smart breast pumps, to devices for fertility measurement, to communities and portals for women experiencing the feminine side of life, FemTech is a massive field with boundless opportunities.


When we’re prototyping for FemTech, we’re doing so from a feminine perspective – the world is experienced differently by women. From how our bodies behave and function, to how we navigate social settings, to whether or not safety equipment fits us, prototyping helps us to tackle these issues with embodied engagement. We quickly define problems and move through iterative potential solutions.